Biohacker Bryan Johnson: Verjügung ist möglich

Biohacker Bryan Johnson: Here's how he rejuvenates himself for a healthier, longer life

Bryan Johnson made his money selling his tech startup. But by his own admission, entrepreneurship has made him depressed and overweight. That's why he's now pursuing a new goal. Maximizing health and developing a lifestyle optimized for longevity.

What was the trigger for the "Blueprint" project?

With his project ,,Blueprint" Bryan Johnson not only wants to improve his own well-being, but also to develop a universal formula that everyone can use to optimize their body and mind.
His life as an entrepreneur has thrown Johnson into health difficulties. His response: radical personal and professional changes designed to restore his body's lost vitality and youthfulness. Since then, he's been acting as a guinea pig himself, so to speak, for his personal mission of longevity.

What is the Blueprint project?

"Two years and many millions have been invested in the development of Blueprint, a program that takes better care of me than I can myself." This is written at the top of Bryan Johnson's website and already gives a hint of what is behind it.

Johnson strictly adheres to a vegan diet that contains only 1,977 calories per day. Monthly he comes thereby on 35kg vegetable. He works out every day for at least an hour and more intensely three times a week. He has set bedtimes and gets up at 5am every morning.

In addition to eating three perfectly balanced meals, Johnson swallows more than 80 pills a day. Most of them dietary supplements, but he also takes some prescription medications. Every day, he takes care of his skin with at least seven creams to repair previous sun damage. He is also trying to improve his hearing through special sound therapy.

Is Bryan Johnson really getting younger now?

According to his doctors, Bryan Johnson has gotten younger: Johnson, 45, has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old and the lungs of an 18-year-old. His biological age is at the level of a 31-year-old and he accumulates less age damage than 88% of 18-year-olds. In his monthly records, his measurements and achievements can be followed. You can also see a significant visual change in his interviews.

Johnson's Blueprint should be taken with a grain of salt, however: Many of his methods have not yet been adequately researched, some only rudimentarily in animal models, but not in humans. However, since he is constantly under medical supervision and is always monitored, it can be assumed that major slip-ups can be quickly prevented. So Johnson's methods should not simply be copied.

What can we realistically integrate from it into our everyday life?

Nevertheless, there are some aspects of Johnson's lifestyle that we can integrate into our daily lives without hesitation, as science has already created quite a bit of evidence. Here we present three of the most important points: Supplements, fasting and exercise.

  • Supplements such as spermidine, alpha-ketoglutarate, hyaluronic acid, NAD+ booster, vitamin D3, and vitamins B7, B9, and B12. These micronutrients have already been robustly researched and have quite a few health benefits, plus real longevity potential. Details on each of these ingredients can also be found here here. A dietary supplement that effectively doses and combines these active ingredients can be found it here.
  • Fasting and a slight calorie deficit have also been linked to increased health and lifespan in various studies. You can find more information about fasting here.
  • Daily exercise is also essential to our longevity. By doing so, we not only improve our fitness, we also expose our bodies to controlled stress situations that make them more resistant. This process is called hormesis. By the way: Hormesis can also be activated through other activities such as sauna sessions or ice baths. Here you can find out more.

Our conclusion

Bryan Johnson's Blueprint is an extremely exciting self-experiment from which you can learn a thing or two. But before you turn your life around yourself, you should always consult a medical professional first.

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