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Autophagy and healthy aging: Here's how we can boost our body's detox process

Detox, purification, detoxification, cleansing. Is it all just advertising or is there actually something behind it? In fact, there is a biological process in the body that is considered an important cleansing process, autophagy. How autophagy works and how you can promote it through lifestyle and diet is explained here.

What is autophagy?

Autophagy is a cellular process that ensures pathogens are eliminated and old, damaged cellular components are repaired or broken down. In this way, cell health and regeneration can be preserved. In short, autophagy is a recycling and cleansing process that keeps our bodies healthy. This unnoticed but remarkable process is ideally going on all the time in our body.

What does autophagy have to do with healthy aging?

However, as we age, autophagy decreases. Decreased autophagy is in turn associated with accelerated aging. The body is no longer able to break down or regenerate the damaged cellular material, making it more susceptible to inflammation and disease.

How can I promote autophagy?

There are several ways to promote autophagy. Fasting is an effective and safe way. But taking certain micronutrients in addition can also help; studies have shown that, for example. Spermidine boosts the can boost autophagy.

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